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Traveling to Maldives in 2021

Travelling to the Maldives

When travelling to the Maldives you will see that it consists out of multiple islands (more than 2000) in the Indian Ocean. The Archipelago offers an idyllic resort where guests can snorkel with fellow snorkelers or scuba dive with them as well as take in breathtaking sunset views. The Maldives are a place that every Maldivian and foreign visitor loves. The Maldives first appeared on the map in 1153, and it has been an important destination for travelers ever since then. It’s no wonder that Maldivian tourism industry is one of the most profitable ones in the world. Maldivians are hospitable people who love to share their culture with visitors from all over the globe. The Maldives consist of 1,192 islands which differ greatly depending on size, shape and location; they can be found at least 90 kilometres (56 miles) away from each other. There are tourists who visit Maldives year-round but if you want to enjoy your stay without crowds and expensive accommodation rates during high season, you should visit Maldives between May and October.

Wonderful beach in a Resort

The Maldives are also well-known for their wonderful beaches. Maldivian people are very proud of the white sand beach which give Maldives its name. The most popular Maldive islands, such as the Baa atoll or the Kaafu atoll have one or two small villages with only a few Maldivian-style guesthouses. Yet their beaches are covered with all kinds of Maldive hotels for tourists to choose from.

While Maldives is a tropical island destination, the best time to travel here is actually outside of Maldivian summer season during May, June or September. Maldivian people celebrate Christmas on December 24 and Maldives National Day on July 26.

Traveling to the Maldives: The culture

Language Maldives

When talking about Maldivian culture, it is very important to mention Maldivian language which is a unique blend of Maldivian and old Sinhala language with a few words from English, Arabic and Hindi languages. Maldivians speak their own dialect which you can hardly understand if you don’t know Maldivian language. Maldivians are very good singers, and they love to sing in local dialect at various events or during Maldivian evenings.

Language spoken on the Maldives

The Maldivian language is a member of the Dhivehi-Aryan, Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-Iranian language family. It is geographically classified as a Central Maldivian language. Maldivian has been influenced by Arabic, Urdu and English as it has been in contact with those languages over the centuries.

The Maldives have been under the influence from Arab traders from about 800AC onward. They have been trading items such as spices and textiles to Maldives for a high value in gold and silver. The second major influence was from British colonials who came to Maldives during the 17th century following Vasco da Gama’s discovery of a sea route around Africa to India. Maldives was used as a stopping point on the sea route between Africa and India.

Related languages

Maldivian is closely related to Sinhalese with only slight variations in vocabulary. Both languages are considered Sri Lanka or Maldivian languages. There are about 1,280 native Maldivian speakers in Maldives today which are largely concentrated in the capital city of Maldives

English is widely known as a second language. Maldivians are often able to speak English with varying degrees of fluency whether they are living in Maldives or elsewhere. Arabic is also spoken by Maldivian Muslim populations. The study of Islam was formerly taught at all Maldivian schools, both Maldives government and private. Maldivian is closely related to Sinhalese with only slight variations in vocabulary. Both Maldivian and Sinhalese are considered Sri Lankan languages.

The Maldivian language also uses the Latin alphabet as its script. Maldivians have been influenced by Arabic, Urdu and English as it has been in contact with those languages over the centuries.

Transportation Hubs for Island resorts

Water Airplane Maldives

Most of the time as a tourist you will not use public transportation when travel to Maldives. Your travel plans will be made by the hotel transfer which is either by water plane or boat. Our travel recommendations are that you make sure your hotel is organizing everything related to transportation between Malé and your arrival island. Otherwise you will suffer from a high degree of complexity. Furthermore most of the resort islands have the local laws and follow the disease control and safety standards (or International standards). So right now large gatherings are not allowed.

Local Authorities vaccination requirements and local laws

The Maldives require all travelers coming from countries where yellow fever is endemic to be fully vaccinated against the disease or show proof of having received a vaccination at least ten days prior to your Maldives travel. The Maldivian government requires all travelers coming from a foreign country where the risk of malaria is endemic to show proof of having received a full course of antimalarial drugs before they will be allowed entry into Maldives.

Crime on the Maldives

Maldives is a very safe place to travel. Maldives, however, does have its share of health risks including dengue fever, malaria, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, rabies and Japanese encephalitis. If you are staying in Maldives for less than ten days or will be spending most of your Maldives vacation on a resort island, you can check with your Maldives travel insurance provider as some Maldives resorts provide automatic Maldives vaccination coverage as part of their Maldives vacation packages.

Entry requirements

The Entry requirements are only for fully vaccinated travelers which are vaccinated against COVID 19 to be able to enter the Maldives as foreigner. Fully vaccinated means getting the vaccine of J&J, BionTech/Pfizer, Modern or AstraZeneca. It is also possible to do a pcr test. This pcr test needs to be negative. According to the maldivian authorities the plan ahead is to improve social distancing in the hotels and increase the rate of hand sanitizer to prevent travelers from serious illness like Covid 19 or others.

The weather when traveling to the Maldives

Weather Maldives

The Maldivian climate is located in South Asia with tropical climate and temperatures vary from month to month between an average high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the Maldives dry season to 32 degrees Celsius during Maldives wet season. July and August are the hottest Maldives months while December is the coolest Maldives month. The Maldivian rainy seasons are generally cooler than when compared to their corresponding dry seasons making them an excellent time for Maldives vacations. Due to Maldives climate, it is important that Maldives travelers dress lightly and bring Maldives light rain gear. Maldives is a Muslim country so Maldivian clothing is recommended for Maldives tourists who plan on visiting Maldives mosques or other holy attractions.

Local Dive operators on the Maldives

Maldives is home to a large number of marine life that live under the sea. Maldives has been operating as a dive industry since 1995 when Maldives became the first country in Asia to offer professional scuba diving training and Maldives also became the first Maldivian company in Maldives to offer recreational scuba diving. Maldives is also home to several Maldivian and international dive operators.

Take care when diving

Maldives has been operating as a dive industry since 1995 when Maldives became the first country in Asia to offer professional scuba diving training and Maldives also became the first Maldivian company in Maldives to offer recreational scuba diving. The Maldivian government also offers recreational scuba diving at some Maldivian resorts. Take care when diving that the diving center doesn't have poor equipment because in the past there where several diving injuries because of poor equipment. Also be aware of natural disasters like high waves or storms when you go out for diving. Try to avoid going out when the weather isn't perfect!

Healthcare & travel insurance

In terms of an emergency make sure you consult your doctor about vaccinations for this country well before traveling. Take care of travel insurance well after travelling. Medical evacuation in case of fatal injuries can be difficult or costly. Check your insurance for such scenarios. If you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant and will travel to areas affected by the viral virus it is recommended that you discuss your travel plan with your medical provider and to look at postponing your travel to affected areas. Irish citizens will advise the Health Protection Surveillance Centre for their health.

Travel insurance for Island Resorts

When traveling to the Maldives, it is important that you get travel insurance. Maldives is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world so you will want to make sure that your travel insurance includes medical services, lost baggage coverage, and trip cancellation coverage. Maldives travel insurance is available at all major travel companies and most Maldives hotels.

Maldives travel insurance will ensure that you are protected in case of an unforeseen circumstance which makes it impossible for you to continue your Maldives vacation.

Latest Travel Alert

COVID-19 remains a danger but with the ongoing state of Public Health, vaccine and testing it will be possible to travel internationally. You must plan your trip carefully and there are risks. The Maldivians have informed the country that tourists on the weekend travelling to the Maldives before September 10 2020 must take a negative PCR. The medical document putting forth the negative. Test results for COVID. Must be delivered in English within at least 96 hours of travel. Try to avoid flying with connecting flights. Try to book direct flights to stay safe.

COVID-19 - Restrictions and requirements

Most governments have introduced special restrictions on entry or exit for territorial regions because of COVID-19. Before traveling check whether the local authorities of both your current address and destination implemented any restrictions or requirements related to this situation. Consider even your transit points as transit rules in many destinations apply.

Vaccination requirements of local authorities

Furthermore you should be fully vaccinated travelers against covid 19 or have a negative covid test. For more information visit the official Website of the Maldives. Our travel advice if you test positive is to somehow go back to your home country or other countries with good healthcare because the Maldives don't have a really good medical infrastructure where you want to go to the hospital.

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