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Traveling German in 2021: Berlin City Review

Couple in Berlin

This article is about the German experience. Germany has it all- incredible scenery, great food and plenty of culture. The only thing it lacks is you! Check out this article if you're interested in traveling to Germany in 2021.

It's not only the the most populous country in Europe but also an economic powerhouse and a major player on the world stage. Traveling to Germany will take you from cosmopolitan cities to picturesque villages, from medieval towns to post-war monuments. This article offers some ideas for what you might want to do in Germany in 2021 if your plans include this destination.

If you are planning on Traveling to Germany in 2021, then Berlin is the perfect spot for you. Travelers can enjoy a range of activities from hiking to biking to sailing. There are also many incredible museums that will keep Travelers busy for days.

Travelers should seriously consider Traveling to Berlin in 2021 because it has so much to offer both Travelers who enjoy outdoor adventures and Travelers who prefer museums. Travelers should also consider Traveling to Berlin in 2021 because it is so cheap. Travelers can get by on less than $50 per day while Traveling to Germany.

The German Experience

German soccer fan

Germany is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. Traveling to Berlin, in the east of Germany, is a great way to experience different aspects of German culture. You can visit museums, go on a walking tour, or explore the city's many neighborhoods and restaurants.

Traveling south from Berlin will bring you to Munich which is famous for Oktoberfest - one of the world's best celebrations! Traveling north from Berlin will bring you to Hamburg - an industrial port city that overlooks the North Sea. Hamburg has plenty to offer visitors like fantastic restaurants, lively nightclubs and its very own night-time light show over the harbor called "Hamburg by Night."

Traveling to Germany in 2021 would be an unforgettable experience. Travelers can expect to meet incredible people, eat world class food, and see incredibly beautiful landscapes.

Monitor Local Media and local authorities

Monitoring local media and the authorities within a country will help to provide clues as to what is happening in the country. This information can be helpful when determining if traveling to a country is safe. The different entry and exit requirements, the local laws when you travel abroad and the information about tourist visa, traffic laws, speed limits or restrictions in the Schengen area are important to know for you.

  • "In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks outbreaks of diseases that occur abroad and provides updates on CDC Travelers' Health."

  • "In Germany, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is responsible for managing risks to human health from exposure to chemicals and provides information on health issues during travel."

Because of the current Covid 19 situation the German government is suggesting that travelers also need to be up to date about movement restrictions and travel insurance in case of an emergency in an abroad country destination. That Information often can be found at the websites of the local authorities like the Robert Koch Institute of the federal republic of germany.

Local Authorities: What to think about when traveling to Germany

Due to covid 19 persons entering Germany need to have be an up to date vaccination status or a negative test (PCR or rapid antigen tests) or current recovery status of covid 19.

Furthermore vaccinated travelers who are arriving with air carriers need to have passport validity and a digital registration with further information for the European Union in case you or a person nearby you gets test positive.

Contact Travel Companies

Choosing a trustworthy company can help travelers with logistics and practicalities. Travel companies often offer pre-departure and on-site support, as well as tours and other useful services. Travel companies can also provide travelers with valuable information about the destination. Travelers using a company are more likely to have a positive experience overall.

Why I love traveling to Berlin

I love to travel to Berlin because it is an exciting European capital with many things you can do, not only the typical tourist areas. Travelers might want to explore neighborhoods like Kreuzberg or Mitte home of great museums and beautiful buildings like the Berlin Dom (Berlin Cathedral). One other city worth visiting even if it is just for a day trip is Sanssouci which was the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia.

Travelers can visit places like this or other museums in the neighborhood of Potsdam. Travelers might want to check out some attractions like the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburg Tor) which is an impressive 18th century landmark and former city gate, Pariser Platz square.

Travelers should not leave Berlin without seeing the East Side Gallery, one of Europe's largest outdoor art galleries. Traveler get ready to explore Germany by booking your flights today!

The different districts in Berlin

Graffiti in Berlin Kreuzberg

Berlin is the capital of Germany and is therefore home to many districts. The districts are listed below, along with some general information about each.


Tiergarten is one of the old districts in Berlin that was created by the Kaiser during the 18th century. The Tiergarten served as a hunting ground for various Emperors until World War II. It now has a large park, zoo, and botanical garden. Traveling to Germany in 2021 wouldn't be complete without taking a stroll around this district because you'll find lots of green spaces and some stunning architecture too!


Mitte is internationally recognizable for being where East Berlin met West Berlin- or more accurately, where the Berlin Wall used to stand until 1989. Nowadays, it's an exciting district to explore with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants- plus there's so much to see and do.


Schoneberg is another one of the old districts in Berlin. It's not far from Mitte and is home to many boutique shops and cafes. A day trip to Schoneberg would be well worth it, especially if you love shopping!


Friedrichshain has an edgy vibe with plenty of art galleries and some truly unique bars and restaurants. Much of this district was once part of East Germany so it's quite different than most other parts of Germany, but we think that makes it all the more interesting! If you're interested in staying somewhere a bit alternative or unusual, choose a hotel here. Friedrichshain also used to be part of East Germany so there are plenty of communist-era buildings here. This neighborhood isn't home to too much, but if you're interested in learning about life behind the Iron Curtain then add this place to your list!

Prenzlauer Berg:

Prenzlauer Berg is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Berlin and we think it's easy to see why! The area was once home to many East Germans so there are plenty of cafes, boutiques and themed bars.


Kreuzberg is known for being a bit edgier than most other parts of Berlin- which just makes us want to go even more! It's home to many markets and restaurants plus lots of original shops. There's something for everyone in Kreuzberg, but you'll probably need at least 4 days here (not including travel time).


Neukolln used to be two separate districts; Neukolln and Treptow. Over the years, they merged into one large district which is now known as Neukolln. It's home to many green spaces and parks plus plenty of culture- be sure to check it out if you're looking for an alternative to the city center!


Charlottenburg is one of the most popular parts of Berlin, known for its wide streets and elegant buildings. It used to be a separate city from Berlin but it officially became part of the city in 1920.


Wilmersdorf was also once a district outside of Berlin, but it merged with the city in 1920. It's a popular neighborhood because it has plenty of green spaces and parks close by- plus there are lots of hotels here if you're looking to stay somewhere convenient!


Wedding isn't on many people's radar when they visit Berlin, but we think that's exactly why you should add this district to your list! Wedding has plenty of beautiful historic buildings and it's known for being the 'melting pot' of Berlin.


Lichtenberg has one of the least appealing names in German, but we love this district! It's not far from Wedding and it has a cute town center where you can find numerous cafes and boutiques. Plus, it's home to many historical monuments - did we mention that we love history?


Reinickendorf is another area that used to be separate from Berlin, but it came together to create one large district in 1920. Traveling to Germany in 2021 wouldn't be complete without exploring this neighborhood because you'll find plenty of historical sites here- plus it's home to many green spaces so you can enjoy some nature too!

If you're planning on traveling to Germany in the near future, there are so many districts to add to your list- we can't even list them all here. Try Schoneberg for shopping or Friedrichshain if you want an edgier vibe. If you love history, add Wedding or Lichtenberg to your agenda and if parks and nature sound appealing then don't skip Reinickendorf! Traveling to Germany in 2021 is going to be incredible no matter where you go, but it's always a good idea to do your research beforehand.

If you're interested in learning more about traveling to Germany in 2021 then feel free to contact us for more information! Traveling is one of our favorite things and we can't wait to hear all about what you get up to while backpacking around the country. Traveling through Germany should be easy and straightforward so don't let anything stop you- just plan ahead and we promise that everything will work out fine!

The different barriers in Berlin

Berlin is one of the major cities in Germany. It has a lot of quality facilities and opportunities that are available to its citizens. One of the major problems which tends to hamper the people’s interaction with these facilities and opportunities is discrimination. These discriminatory barriers tend to create disparity in social, economic, cultural areas of life which can be detrimental to society.

Individuals who live in Berlin may identify one or many different barriers that inhibit them from accessing these opportunities. Such barriers may include discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, disability, among other things. For instance, for an older woman who lives alone in Berlin, providing her with transportation may be one way to increase her independence and accessabilities to facilities and opportunities.

For many years, city planners in Berlin have been using the barrier analysis tool to analyze the different barriers in Berlin. They were able to identify problems that prevent people from accessing facilities and opportunities readily, then they find ways to solve these problems. Currently, there are quite a number of organizations who use this tool to improve the living standards for many people throughout Germany.

Transportation hubs in Berlin

Berlin has many different transportation hubs that can be accessed to travel around the city. These are not all conveniently located however. For example, the Tempelhofer Feld airport is not very close to Berlin main station. This means that people will need to take two trains and then a bus in order to get there. Traveling to Germany in 2021 may be slightly difficult due to the fact that there are many transport hubs and not everyone has a car. Transportation is usually more expensive as well, so bringing enough money for transportation upon arrival will be necessary.

Different public transportation options:

The train system of Berlin is very easy where all you need is a ticket and an ID with you to get on one of its different trains around the city. Traveling by subway is also another option for people who live in Berlin, but it can be costly especially if you don’t have a monthly pass or pre-purchased tickets included in your budget. Traveling by bus and tramway however does not require any type of ticket or card because these trips are determined by the distance you have traveled. Traveling by bike is also another option for people who live near roads that are safe enough to use them. Traveling to Germany in 2021 via public transportation may be difficult however due to its high prices and the fact that its more of a journey than just a trip here or there.

Public parks located in Berlin

Berlin has many public parks that are perfect for different events such as festivals, picnics, birthday celebrations, family gatherings, among other things. One of these major public parks is called Tiergarten which is centrally located close to Brandenburg gate allowing easy access from any part of the city. Traveling to Germany in 2021 makes having access to some beautiful green spaces absolutely essential. Traveling via public transportation may be difficult because of the high prices but there are many parks around Berlin that can be accessed by bike or on foot. Traveling to Germany may not be easier than just getting out there and exploring all the wonderful green spaces it has!

The best Bars in Berlin according to local media

The best bars in Berlin according to a local German media is a well-known bar called "Cafe Einstein" which is located in Charlottenburg. Travelers who are visiting Berlin for the first time may need information on what location would be best to visit during their time here. The staff at "Cafe Einstein" is always courteous and attentive.

The atmosphere is also very welcoming and relaxing due to the fact that it has plenty of natural lighting from its windows and ceiling lamps. Travelers who visit "Cafe Einstein" will enjoy their time there because they have a wide selection of drinks to choose from, including traditional German beer, cocktails, alcoholic beverages, among others.

Traveling in Germany in 2021 may not be easier than stopping in at "Cafe Einstein" when visiting Berlin. Traveling to Germany may be slightly difficult due to the fact that there are many bars in Berlin and it will take some time in order to figure out which one would be perfect for your needs.

Here are some of our favorite Bars in Berlin:

The best Cafes in Berlin

Berlin has many cafes located around the city that are perfect for all travelers. Travelers who are looking to enjoy their time in Berlin should visit cafés with delicious food, friendly staff, and welcoming ambience. Travelers should not worry about getting lost because these cafés are always easy to find due to their signboards which also include a map pointing them in the right direction.

Travelers may go to any of these cafés they wish during their stay in Berlin because they have a wide selection of drinks to choose from including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, among other beverages. Traveling to Germany in 2021 may not be easier than visiting one of its many cafes around the city.

Here are some of our favorite Cafes in Berlin:

The best Restaurants in Berlin

One of the best restaurants in Berlin is the Peppermill. The food is typically German but has a creative flair. The menu is not large and appears to be picked from a restaurant in LA. There are always specials that change weekly or daily and always offers an incredible value for the price.

The service was great and genuinely friendly. It is a must eat at restaurant if your in Berlin and time permits. You might also want to try the Burgermeister for some great German fast food, or Trattoria Al Mame on Carrer de Sant Pere, 14 for Italian food.

Here are some of our favorite Restaurants in Berlin:

- Peppermill

- Burgermeister

- Trattoria Al Mame

Of course there are also plenty of German restaurants that you can go to. For a traditional outing, try the liter restaurant in Berlin's first department store, KaDeWe, right by Wittenbergplatz. The food is good and for a nice but still high price.

The German way of living

The German way of living is very different from the American way. Germans tend to be a lot more reserved and serious people, especially when it comes to work. In America, people are a lot more casual and laid back about what they do as work. In Germany, there's a very high expectation as to how someone should act in the workplace.

In Germany, many people have a job for life. In America, your employer can hire you for as short as a 2-year period or as long as a lifetime. The relationship between employers and employees is always up in the air and this creates a cycle of fear because employers might find someone better than you at any given time.


Traveling to Germany in 2021 and seeing some tourist attractions is a great idea for anyone who loves architecture, history and culture. This article has given you the information about some of the best places to visit while there so that you can plan your trip accordingly! Which areas are on your bucket list? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or following our social media pages. We hope this blog post was helpful- let's get started planning that German vacation now!

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