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Millennial Travel: Group Travel Deals

Millennial woman making picture
Millennial woman making picture

Millennials have different needs when it comes to group travels than their parents, but they share some similarities when it comes to travel preferences. Millennials are the group of people born between 1980 and 1999. They are also called Generation Y or Echo Boomers. In the following article we will show you the most amazing places to visit, how you can save money and how you will have a perfect wedding in a hotel with lots of other benefits!

Traveling with a group is not only fun as it also helps stretch your vacation dollar. Numerous resorts offer group discounts to travel costs, accommodations, and activities among other activities. Hotwire provides many ideas on group travel from relaxing in the beach town to taking part in the all-inclusive cruise ship to enjoying the most popular outdoor destinations.

We are here to show you how to maximize your travel and save money. So do not wait: look at a list of popular group vacation destinations and get some interesting ideas for your next group trip. We have the latest information and hottest deals on popular destinations.

What is Millennial group travel?

Millennial group travel is the group of people who are born in or after 1981-2000. They are a group of young travelers who enjoy group vacations and usually travel with a group of friends.

Greater reliance on technology has also led to millennials preferring city breaks over beach resorts. Millennials are always looking for an adventure and will prefer going to places that they have never been to before, by just looking at vacation destinations online, or by talking to their friends.

They want to be part of the culture.

Millennials want to be part of culture
Culture dance

Recent studies have shown that millennial travellers are looking primarily to discover a new culture in their destinations. They also ranked sampling the local cuisine as a crucial part of their travels, which is perhaps a big part of a country or a town's culture. According to recent studies cultural immersion is best way to attain these goals. The biggest thing for millennials is to visit Southeast Asia and Europe as well.

Millenial Visit Statistics

Millennials used $200 / billion dollars of travel for holidays in 2018. 33% planned spending budgets of $600 to $600. 66% of the millennials book travel via smartphones 68% use them to get advice. 86% chose new culture over 44% said they wanted parties and 28% wanted shopping. 69% take fewer trips during the weekend compared to one generation in 13%. Millennials made 5.6 trip per year compared to 5.9 (Boomers), 5.6 (GenZ) and 7.6 (Page-X).

How do millennials book travel?

52% of online travel agents 36% hotels web sites, 32% airlines web sites. 69.2% are in travel agent searches throughout the research period. 85% of those are on multiple sites requesting exclusive offers before confirming their booking. 23% prefer travel agents based on customer service over price. 17% believe making the booking directly through a travel agency is not that much safer than calling the hotel itself. The most popular web sites recommending the best places to visit are websites with ratings or reviews, travel portals a website or a blog. The survey found that 88% of all travelers using social media use personal recommendations for their accommodation choices.

Why do millennials love travel?

71% of millennials choose new culture more than 44 percent wanted to party and 28% wanted to shop as reason to go. 61% considered cultural authenticity the most important factor to enhance the entire travel experience. 78% of Americans prefer travel for learning. Itinerary creation through online travel agencies saw a drop from 50% to 25% in two years. If travellers plan to capture the $200 billion annual travel market of this generation, they also will have to expand their experiential travel product offering to attract millennials who like to travel. The company is slowly replacing hotels by hiring private-person accommodation via sites like Airbnb.

Why do millennials travel so much?

A 2017 analysis of New Horizons found that the more people get engaged in an adventure the more they feel happy to travel. This can peak on trips lasting one month or more. More than 25 percent of millennials plan their holidays abroad. 72% of those in the survey said they had a dream holiday coming soon. Destinations attracting the most joy include destinations such as Peru, Mexico, Japan and Indonesia. People traveling from beyond their region are generally happier than people who have stayed close to home According to study from Sitereminder and InternetMarketingInc. The main reason for millennials traveling is to experience more life.

Perfect Destination Weddings Family Reunions

Millennials are always looking to get outside and see the world! If you're planning a group holiday that involves outdoor activities, these destinations might be perfect for your group:

  • New Zealand: A group holiday to New Zealand means you can check off your bucket list with skydiving, bungee jumping and tandem paragliding. If that's not group adventure for you, then nothing is! It is also the perfect as destination weddings family reunions.

  • Iceland: The perfect location if you're looking for group activities like hiking through the countryside or checking out some of the world renowned waterfalls.

Group Vacation: Exclusive Deals

Millennials are always looking to travel on a budget! Here are some great group destinations that won't break your group's bank accounts:

  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: A group holiday to the Galapagos won't cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, you can even go on group adventures that don't involve hiking through the untamed landscape.

  • India: Home to some of the world's most famous attractions such as Taj Mahal and Jaipur Palace, India is an incredible group holiday destination.

  • Cuba: The land of old American cars and colorful colonial architecture, group vacations to Cuba are sure to be unforgettable.

Why do Millennials Travel?

This generation has been spoiled with luxury trips from their parents which means that when they start earning money themselves, they're not used to saving up for a getaway in the traditional sense - instead they need a good excuse to take a holiday.

The group of young travelers are big on group travel, adventure and personal experiences which makes them ideal group vacationers. Once they make up their mind about where to take a group break, they don't want to miss out on anything because group tours are expensive. And the group has to be satisfied with all the activities that it decides to take part in, so group leaders need to be careful when selecting group travel packages.

Millennials like group holidays because they trust their group-mates and group-leaders better than any tour operator or travel agent. They don't want to miss out on anything, which is why group tours are expensive - but also fun! Millennials group travel is a group of young travelers who enjoy group vacations and usually travel with a group of friends.

Why do Millennials love City Breaks?

Woman in front of tower bridge

Millennials have been spoilt with luxury trips from their parents for as long as they can remember, which means that when they start earning money themselves, saving up for a holiday in the traditional sense isn't exactly top of their list. Instead, they need a good reason to take time off work - hence the rise of group holidays as they are also known. Also they are way more flexible and often are able to varying lengths, book a group contract to get better prices instead of book individually and like the faster service of last minute deals.

How group travel differs from individual travel

Group traveling differs from individual travel in a number of ways. You need to have group leaders to take care of group tours, which is much more challenging than having group leaders for group vacations. Due to group tours being expensive it is important to get an exclusive Promo code discount or high call volumes like they do on

It is also good when group members trust their group leader as well as group-mates better than any tour operator or travel agent. Group membership for millennial travelers also means that you won't miss out on the fun and experience you're looking for because there is no need to save up money or wait until a later date. This article is about millennial travel, family reunion (together with baby boomers ;)), bachelor parties, your next group holiday, and of course to help you create unforgettable memories.

Perfect Destination Weddings Family Reunions

Many hotels offer packages with the option to combine your wedding and family reunion during one trip. They make sure that their hotel is the perfect Wedding Destination with customizable event pages.

Complimentary Wedding anniversary voucher

A complimentary wedding anniversary voucher is included for a stay of two complimentary nights to promote the hotels. There are hotels that offer packages with the option to combine your wedding and family reunion during one trip.

The only thing in many hotels is that they have small minimum group requirements an in-destination service because only then you are able to receive exclusive deals when you select hotels. Hiking, photography, canopy tours, and many other activities can be incorporated into your stay for a terrific and memorable event as hotel guests.

Group Vacation Exclusive Deals

Some hotels offer Group Vacation Exclusive Deals which are based on the minimum specified group size. You can choose hotels that are close to each other so you have the best of both worlds. Hiking, photography, canopy tours, and many other activities can be incorporated into your stay for a terrific and memorable event as hotel guests.

What group trips are millennials more likely to go on

There are research studies which have found that millennials are more likely to go on group trips, hotels with special amenities and accomodations that are "green" or eco-friendly. They also enjoy a hotel with WiFi, hotels near airports and hotels with unique features. And also it is way more common for millennial women to travel alone and find a safe getaway in different cities and meet new person there. Furthermore those girls getaway(s) are targeted by travel agents of the travel industry to access the new market of solo travelers who want to find a group during their trips, improving the travel experience of them and provide assistance with the culture clash of a new culture in new locations.


Millennials are a unique generation who prefer to go on group vacations and accomodations. This article has provided you with some insight into millennial travel preferences, hotels they like to book, as well as what accomodations have the best deals for this demographic. If you want more information or if you're looking for help planning your next group vacation package that's perfect for millennials, let us know. Our team of experts is waiting and ready to partner with you to create an unforgettable experience tailored just for them!

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