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European travel: Where can Americans travel to?

Eiffel Tower during COVID 19

European countries had changed policies after eliminating the US from the safe travel list. From September 9 to September 6 only fully vaccinated travelers may continue to go on tour in EU Member States. Most European Countries have their own rules but in general take the advice of the european council.

Most of the countries accept fully vaccinated travelers, travelers who got a recent negative covid test or set the incoming travelers to a mandatory quarantine. The Vaccination Status of EU Citizens can be tested by the authorities with the so called EU digital covid certificate which provide proof in a mobile App that you already got your second dose of vaccine and are fully vaccinated.

It has left many travelers wondering if their trip will be affected in any way. In the long run, each country in Europe must decide what it requires if it is coming into contact with travelers at its borders. But they haven't said much about policies towards United States travelers.

The new EU guidelines state that the entry by European residents into the region is restricted to vaccinated travelers who travel for primarily sanitary purposes. In the following article you will find a country by country guide about the current temporary travel restriction and if there is a travel ban for U.S travelers.

Enter France

Fully immunized travelers from America can leave with proof that they have Covin19 and a sworn statement they have no symptoms. No Covid tests and quarantines are required after the departure date. Passengers who are not fully vaccinated must give proof of positive PCR test or rapid antibody test carried out within two days from the date.

In order to go to cultural sites, museums, theatres restaurants, bar and night clubs in France you need to have a French Health Pass. Negative results qualify as valid health pass for 72 hours. Child under 10 are exempted from testing. Infants up to 16 are excluded. The card indicates that holders are fully vaccinated.

Situation in France

Nonvaccinated U.S. travelers in France will be not permitted to travel until their pressing and compelling reasons. As of June 21 visitors must have a special COVID Pass to ride through the Eiffel Tower or to see French museums or theaters.

Unvaccinated minors are allowed into France but are 12-17. Those 12-17 must give at least 3 positive PCR or anti-absorption tests within 24 hours of the incident of the. United States citizens who recovered from COVID-19 within one year have the right to show their certificate of recovery before entering France.

Those with a negative test for a viral infection have also to demonstrate evidence of the infection recovery. So make sure you have the certificate and the data provided because who wants to miss the Eiffel Tower when visiting Europe?!

Vaccinated and Unvaccinated travelers in Switzerland

Swiss mountains

Switzerland reopens for North American tourists who were vaccinated fully and recovered from covid 19 in six months. No quarantine is necessary for arrivals who have fulfilled these qualifications. Children and young adults above 16 are exempt from these requirements when they comply with the requirements for admission.

Those under 16 must pass a negative test to enter Switzerland. The traveler should use the form on line of Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. For details specifically about entry requirements check here. Furthermore the Switzerland government has reopened places such as dining venues for business and leisure.

Travel to Germany in the European Union

Covid-19 considers the United States to be a risky country. People 0 to 18 years of age require full vaccinating. If no reason is offered by that person or woman to visit they need some reason to go. Travelers who have been fully vaccinated must fill out the registration document electronically when entering or take the document back to the hospital.

An investigation has been completed by the airline and possible Federal Police. The document must be downloaded from the travel site. Update 6 September 2015 for additional information about Covid19. Follow CNN Living on Facebook or Twitter or write us to get the latest updates on where you can travel to.

Covid Situation in Germany

Germany is pulling the USA out of its list of banned nations. If an applicant arrived in this EU state or from an otherwise not listed state, there are no mandatory vaccines or travel requirements. A vaccine receipt must imply that it has been at least 14 days since its last administration.

The traveler must bring in the document the last vaccine dose they ate. A digital photograph of a card cannot be accepted. However a picture of that card will also be accepted through the government.

Travel to Greece

Visting Greece during covid 19

All passengers who come to Greece must take a flight into Greece and use the locator e-booking portal to obtain the codes required to book the tickets. Vaccinated people can enter Greece in passport and valid reprint of the certificate and passport. Tourists 18 years and older must take a negative PCR test to visit Greece the day of arrival.

The necessity of helmets in uncrowded indoor areas is no longer provided but remains an absolute requirement in all indoor areas. No curfew has been set but masks in public transport are compulsory and fines issued for it. Iceland was among the first European countries to open its doors to America.

Greece: Testing Requirements and EU travel restrictions

U.S. travel restrictions allowed Americans into Greece without quarantiner for certain conditions. Those who were vaccinated at least 14 days before arriving are not considered to be quarantined by the european medicines agency. All international travelers arriving will undergo random and mandatory health checks when travelling to Greece, potentially including a rapid COVID antigen test.

The Greek government says it will provide a new system by October that will make the check-in compulsory. If there are no positive results travellers are transport into a quarantine hotel that the government pays for. There they shall undergo a test with doctors for the results.

If they test positive and return the drug, they will remain quarantined under medical conditions at least a full month until they can undergo a new test to see if they have a negative Covid 19 test or not.

Travel to Croatia

Visitors on Croatia need proof of vaccination or proof of recovering from contamination. Masks are required in public transport and in private spaces and night clubs are closed. Visitors are asked to book and pay in full for accommodation prior to arrival. Tasteful Croatian Journeys will arrange any needed documentation for its guests says the founder-owner.

It operates tours of Croatia that include visits from Croatia to the U. The nation was one of the first European countries to open their door to vaccined Americans in the 1990s and early 2000s to Americans in Europe.

Situation in Croatia

The U.S. Embassy to Croatia reminds citizens of the need to provide an official arrival slip to Croatia when reaching the border. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed into Croatia. The final dose of COVID-20 vaccination must be administered not more than 14 days before entry of the host.

All the latest information and vaccination certificates must be given to the Croatian Government before the visit so tourists won't be allowed to enter the country without the vaccination document. The last dose must be administered in 24 hours before arriving in Croatia and within 24 hours before arriving the final dose to be administered.

Travel to Malta

Malta Tourism Association now allows citizens to use veriFLY to obtain information about vaccination status. The app ensures the passenger information corresponds to the requirements set by Malta and displays simple messages like pass or fail. Unvaccinated patients will be subject to obligatory PCR testing and required quarantine for fourteen days in a government-designed hotel.

The passengers from the US are allowed to travel without proof of vaccination however unvaccinated travelers will face a cost for the hotel stay. The project is available on Google Play Store and the Apple Appstore and available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can consult us at

Travel to Portugal

To enter Portugal passengers should show an EU digital security certificate for antimicrobial products or a negative PCR test of at least 7 days after boarding. Applicants must make a registration request with the SEF website before deciding to enter. Travelers with the virus Covid-19 in Portugal are required to be quarantined for up to 10 days.

Guests can also submit to an instant fast testing when entering your hotel or residence. Traveller testing negative for Covids-19 may remain in quarantine in Portugal for 10 days without charge of hotel or private rental house. The European Union’s digital vaccination certificate must be available for entry into Portugal.

What EU countries have complied with the EU recommendation?

On the 1st September Bulgaria listed the United States as on their red list – which consists of countries largely affected. Regardless of vaccination status all US travel is forbidden for entry into Norway. On their arrival to the Netherlands American citizens must demonstrate that a recent negative result has been present to be evaluated and undergo a 10-day isolation program.

Spain banned non-vaccinated American citizens on June 14 this year from entering, without an emergency declaration. Greece Croatia, Irland Island and Ireland have refused to impose tougher immigration restrictions for international arrival from the United - countries.

Costs may be high and availability low in the European Union this fall

The recent European opening to American travelers has led to an influx of eager tourists in the prime tourist attractions. This increased demand coupled with COVID-related closings and the short availability means you could find crowded places and skyrocketing costs for hotels, transportation, and attractions.

Consider less-trafficked places and visitors on weekends or other days for an off-season visit. Planning ahead allows saving of money and ensures access to museums and other popular attractions where capacity and hours may be reduced and bookings required. Be aware of cancellation costs in case plans change. Some hotel and ground operations have relaxed their cancellation rules and have enacted greater flexibility.

COVID and travel to Europe: the rules for visitors

CDC regulations concerning pandemic risks of countries are often revised regularly. What seems safe now could become considered risky when one starts to travel. Given the continued high prevalence of COVID-19 in the U.S., European countries may have a right to ban or further restrict Inbound US travelers.

Getting vaccinated in nearly every case will increase your ability to travel. Book your trip without reservation. Consider backup plans that might permit you to change the destination if restrictions increase. Search for aircraft tickets without change fees, researching cancellation policies in hotels, and booking itineraries with options to spend more time outdoors.

You'll face a patchwork of rules and regulations across EU Countries.

The EU has recently adopted legislation banning a Health Pass that certifies vaccinations and a positive corona. The range of your travel should generally be limited to a few countries. Explore “quiet journey” vacation options based in a single location, like walking and biking trips from a rural home rental.

Find "quiet travel" vacation options in one-to-one locations like walking and biking day excursions to other parts of the country. Consider restricting travel to one country in an attempt to avoid travel restrictions.

Vaccinated and Unvaccinated travelers: Which proof need Americans?

EU Digital Covidid Certificate is a digital ID for EU residents vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus who tested for it or have recovered. Until now The Digital Document isn't widely used by travelers. Most European nations said the paper certificate should be sufficient for travelers onboard. The electronic documents are not available as yet for US travelers.

As U.S travelers you definetly need a present proof which can be that you are fully vaccinated, have a negative PCR or negative Antigen test. If you cannot provide the authorities with those things you will run into entry restrictions, quarantine requirements and even high fines (25.000€<).

Must read when traveling to EU countries

Most European nations started stopping non-essential travel for arriving US citizens. The new COVID-19 form known as Mu has been detected in 49 different US cities. European authorities decided to introduce other preventative measures to stop the epidemic wave of flu.

The Delta variant the new variant of the virus has been discovered in 48 n. Authorities in some European countries have started efforts to stop a virus epidemic known in the United Nations as the deadly S.A.C. virus.

Consider European travel insurance — but read the fine print

Travel insurance helps prevent cancellation, provides relief medical care and covers potentially exorbitant costs. But the policy will only cover the items listed on the fines print. Ensure that you have ample medical cover under your chosen policy as well as protection for emergency evacuation. Your medical expenses are going to be the biggest cost to you if you contract any of the variants while travelling.

Conclusion: European countries Americans can travel to

European countries had changed policies after eliminating the US from the safe travel list. From September 9 to September 6 only vaccined Americans may continue to go on tour in France. It has left many travelers wondering if their trip will be affected in any way. In the long run each country in Europe must decide what it requirements if it is coming into contact with travelers at its borders.

But they haven't said much about policies towards United States travelers. The new EU guidelines state that the entry by European residents into the region is restricted to vaccinated travelers who travel for primarily sanitary purposes.

So in general it can be said that right now countries of the european union are welcoming vaccinated americans again and lower the temporary restriction for not Europe citizens if they are fully vaccinated or can provide a negative covid 19 test.

If you don't follow exactly what each goverment wants you are in very high risk of getting fined from them. Furthermore you need to be aware off that the probability thast the countries remain open is high but Covid 19 is a dynamic situation where the status quo is updated frequently and new travel restrictions can happen all the time.

Also be aware of other countries you need for transit (especially when you are one of the unvaccinated visitors. As vaccinated americans you can relax because the european council and the european member states originally published a statement that they want (u.s) travelers to provide proof with a pcr test or an antigen with negative result or the vaccination proof.

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