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Dubai vacation packages: What to do in Dubai

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Dubai is a bustling metropolis. There are miles of miles of beaches with the largest amount of water. Enjoy a variety of value-added benefits like guaranteed savings as well as complimentary upgrades that guarantee your next vacations become unforgettable. To all of our trips you can additionally book complimentary multi-risk insurance including COVID-19 cover to save yourself and your family lots of stress during the trip.

A short drive from the city opens up a world of outdoors and sports activities including flying helicopters, hot air balloons, desert safaris and camping, dhow cruises, kayaking and more. So we can say that Dubai vacation packages are the perfect thing if you visit the beautiful megapolis at the Dubai creek as your next vacation trip.

Even when you don't think about rain it can also be rainy in the sunny Dubai. But let me calm you down the rains are short lived and pretty cool to be at the beach and get a little refreshment! From November to March it's the "cold" season which still means up to 35 degrees celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit)! So still super hot compared to Europe and the US during that time!

Dubai vacation in luxurious hotels

Hotel Checkin in Dubai

Dubai is one of 7 emirates that constitute United Arab Emirates. It has the largest population in Dubai and is considered the most moderate and progressive. Early archaeological findings in Dubai originate since around 8000 BC but the sheikhdom of Dubai wasn't explicitly established until 1833.

Construction boom was commenced in the 1980s; it continued in the 1990s and its pace was unmatched elsewhere. Dubai has become a vibrant global tourist centre known around the world for its construction projects such as the Burj Khalifa the world's tallest building.

What to do in Dubai

There are plenty of things you and your family can do in Dubai. From world class shopping in the Dubai Mall, the Ferrari World fun park, general touristic Dubai Tours to renting Jetskis and racing on the Persian gulf - there are lots of opportunities to do for your next Trip.

The World Islands

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

The World Islands are composed of a total surface area approximately 9,000,000 square meter. They are divided into 303 islands, which is organised according to a giant map of the Earth. The archipelago is located off the coast of Dubai alongside Palm Jumeirah. The World is one of the best example of Dubai's extravagance in terms of odd and impossible construction projects like the Dubai built 'The World' Islands located in the form of an artificial map. The amazing thing about the World Island is that the islands are artificial islands and even when they are part of the Arabian peninsula they are all man made islands with thousands of tons of sand, concrete and steel.

Mezquita Jumeirah

Jumeirah Mosque is the most important mosque of Dubai. It has an impressive architecture and is the only mosque accessible to non-Muslims. To access the interior you must respect the dress as there's anywhere else on earth: you must barefoot enter not wear shorts or shirt and girls must put on wigs. You also have to follow Islamic laws.

Palm Jumeirah

It's shaped like three massive palm trees with only the view from the sky. Later a similar project followed with a world map. The project was created in the hope of boosting land availability before the embargo on foreign investors loosened. The Palm Jumeirah is one of our favorites for family vacations because there are plenty of attractions, restaurants and even different clubs for children. In lots of our Dubai vacation packages you will find this hotel which also gives out great off-market hotel deals for our customers.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is described as the only seven-star hotel in the world. All rooms are Suites and the hotel's transfer service includes a fleet of BMWs Rolls Royces and private helicopters. The lowest price for a whole night: 1500 euros for a stay in the hotel. The hotel transfers service is provided by the hotel transfer service.

Meet celebrities in the Burj Al Arab

It is also a great place for tourists to meet celebrities like JayZ, Connor McGregor or the Kardashians. Like everything its nearby airports and is easy to reach for guests and travelers. The rooms I the hotel are designed by famous designers like Armani and will give you an unique vacation I the City of Money and oil.

Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest building in the globe. You may take up the viewing deck on the top floor with a reservations. This is recommended before sunset for seeing lighthouse. The Burj is the world highest building with the top viewing platform the Burj in Dubai.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai fountain is 225 meters long and comprises 6,600 lights and 50 video projectors to illuminate water. It may carry water at speeds of 150 m into the air. The Fountain is for Dubai similar to the Palace's Fountain in Bellagio and a major attraction in Las Vegas for visitors alike. Dubai Fountain launched.

Desert Conservation Reserve

The emirate of Dubai is a small destination but beautiful. It is surrounded by a desert of dunes which can be explored on a half-day tour. Typically the desert of Dubai tour involves falcons showings, outdoor dining and belly dancing performances. The dune areas are great for walking around.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure uncovered features which had never been seen in water-parks. It is based in a new and most luxurious hotel within Dubai the Atlantis. There are raising carriages, a ride through the shark tank and mechanical ramps that will turn the cars over to the top. It is Dubai's ultimate waterpark and together with the Ferrari world one of the most famous children adventure attractions in Dubai and definitely worth a visit in jour journey.

Dubai Mall nearby the dubai creek

A beautiful shopping center with over 1,600 shops and a daily visit of 750,000. There is a gigantic internal aquarium, ice hockey rinks and two separate area. The upper level is devoted to food and clothing and the upper a portion to electronics and household goods.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina will be located around a 3-kilometer artificial canal offering ocean access at both ends. Dubai Marina consists of multiple skyscrapers housing residential towers, shopping centers and luxury hotels.

Why should I book a vacation package in Dubai?

Dubai - the city of skyscraper

You can experience this famous 2x4 desert safari in the Arabian Gulf with the best Dubai vacation package. Visit Burj Khalifa and Skydive Over Palm Jumeira Island or take your children to the Dubai Sky Polar PASS or the Dubai Aquaven. Dubai is a combination of work and leisure, with over 150 miles of beaches to enjoy.

Which are the best deals to travel to United Arab Emirates?

The best Dubai vacation packages and deals can be made in the summer months (May - August) because its nearly too hot to go out. But if you are okay with 45 degrees celsius in the shadow you will be able to get great deals at the Persian gulf! Tourism at that time is very calm and most of the hotels try to attract travelers to their destinations.

High season in Dubai

The high season starts end of October in that region and there also the prices go up! The advantage you will get from is that we directly negotiate for you with the hotels and will always be able to make you the best off-market hotel deals! Give it a try and travel better with more money in your pocket.

Tell me the best way to get around the UAE?

The best way to get around the UAE is to drive via a good network of highways which are easily navigable. The roads here are some of the best in the whole world with great signage in English and most cars are automatic with air conditioning. A valid international driver's license, a passport and a major credit card are required along with insurance for rental cars in the UAE. Minibuses can travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have a convenient location for guests to reach one city to another. Taxi rides are one of the easiest methods to travel across the country and commute between towns and cities.

What is the UAE known for?

The United Arab Emirates is a small but captivating country home to the Burj Khalifa building which is the highest building in the world. Luxurious structures surrounded Dubai's sparkling skyline and the surrounding area offer exciting adventures as they're full of stunning views of the Arabian Sea. The vast deserts of UAE include safari trips, dune-baishing belly dancing and night time camps. Abu Dhabi has one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Herikh Zayed mosque is among them one. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Also visit Abu Dhabi

The grand mosque in Abu Dhabi

Also if you have the opportunity take a tour to Abu Dhabi! Those tours are totally worth it and will show you the great contrast between the skyscraper city of Dubai and the nearly flat city of Abu Dhabi. The destination Abu Dhabi is also somehow mystical and a complete different kind of land but in the same region. But what needs to be said: We were in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the beach in Dubai is our opinion way more beautiful!

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